Welcome to Atlas Steel Detailing Ltd.

Atlas Steel Detailing Ltd.  provides detailing services for structural steel and miscellaneous steel structures that typically range from 10 to 10000 tons,mainly across Canada,United States and UK.The company follows customized fabrication standards and project scopes,maintaining the guide lines set by the AISC,NISD and OSHA to produce structures of the future.

Our in-house steel detailing staff takes pride in providing exceptional services to satisfy our clients in the steel fabrication industry at competitive rates, while meeting the demanding project schedules .


                      " Quality is our goal and Customer Satisfaction is our success! "


Atlas Steel Detailing Ltd. combines experienced engineers and detailers with creativity, talent, highly specialized resources, we use the latest 3D technology, Tekla Structure (X_Steel) and SolidWork for plate works; mechanical; parts; based services to develop innovative solutions, from standard to complex structures in commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Atlas Steel Detailing Ltd. also provides Engineering Services that include structural calculations & member selections, all types of bolted and welded connection design (including special moment connections). This  gives our customers an opportunity to deal with a One-Stop Service Provider, which will save time and give them an edge in bidding on tight; scheduled projects.